About ScienceHub
ScienceHub is a Social Networking Platform intended for the Egyptian technological and scientific community.


ScienceHub is an innovative portal aims to Enable integration, management, and planning of Egyptian technological resources, works on the international information network (Internet), which contains an integrated database for all Egyptian technological resources in various technological areas. it includes all scientific and technical resources as well as material assets and academic research contributions, which allows the possibility of measuring the level of technological readiness of all Egyptian academic and research institutions. The general objective of the system is to provide the necessary information to support the decision makers in research projects and to facilitate the follow-up of various research activities.

ScienceHub is one of the innovative portals affiliated to Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .

Main Objectives of the project:

1. Allowing efficient utilization of available resources and assets, following up running technical research and avoiding the risk of duplicate work.

2. Categorization of technological branches in each of the departments of Egyptian faculties and evaluation of technological achievements enabling measuring the technological readiness level (TRL).

3. Completing the technological map for all Egyptian colleges.

4. Boosting the return on assets through maximizing the use of the available facilities of plants and equipment of various country institutions.

5. Defining the structural building of each technological system and linking it to the technological branches, thus facilitating the process of identifying and selecting the optimal research parties.

6. Management of major and supplementary research staff according to strict specialization.

7. Integration between all research entities (universities - research centers - public or private sector companies) qualified for technical research work to fill the deficit in various specialized areas through which each can be divided according to the qualification obtained as well as capabilities and possibilities.

8. Management of all material resources available for research work (raw materials - research laboratories - manufacturing plants - previous research - simulations - software) through the system.

9. Support decision-making through a strong database that enables decision-makers to build a realistic vision of the research work to be carried out.

10. Building the capacity for rapid mobilization of specific specialties according to need (through implementation of a mobilization plan for scientific research to meet the need for knowledge in the shortest time).